Client Testimonials

"Gail helped me significantly to set achievable goals based around elements of my life where I have been feeling unfulfilled, or where I have been encountering difficulties. Through a range of illuminating and manageable coaching techniques, I have gained the clarity, focus and confidence I need to progress on my journey towards making dreams a reality. Life coaching with Gail definitely helped me to turn an important corner in life." -

Kelly C.


“I found the coaching sessions with Gail to be of great benefit to me. It helped me get direction in my life again when most needed and helped me feel more positive about the future. It also helped me realise the positive aspects of my life, and helped me identify the areas of my life I wanted to improve upon the most, giving me the tools to do so.”

Penny Mannion


"I have had a fantastic experience with life coaching and the sessions I had with Gail. Gail made a huge impact on helping me view my life and work in a different way and I have certainly become far happier. I have also got a plan on how to move forward and appreciate what I already have."

Abbie Hill


"With very specific and direct goals I have certainly seen a big improvement in my business and we are in the process of applying for a mortgage which I never thought possible. I have seen a big change in myself, I procrastinate a lot less and I will set myself goals in day to day life. I was amazed at how coaching enables me to think outside the box. Coaching with Gail has been a very positive and worthwhile experience"

Zoe Steward


“I felt more confident about my plans and goals after my sessions with Gail and able to approach them in a much more structured and organised way. It helped me realise putting things off is far too easy and that by planning it's much easier to achieve your dreams one step at a time. Gail has helped me to be more honest about what I want out of work and my relationships. I’ll take these lessons with me and use them the rest of my life."

Louise Ferguson


“Gail’s coaching really helped me to work through why I was not satisfied with my role, what my goal was and how I would know when I’d achieved it. I have struggled for several years being torn between my passion for people development and technical processes. I believed that I had made the wrong career choices and that I needed to move out of a technical role to be satisfied. Gail helped me broaden my view of the role which I wish to move forward into. Gail has also helped me to work through and take action on the balance between family and career. She helped me clarify my priorities and what my options are and made me realise that if I don’t act now to change my working hours then I would miss out on the time with my family before me youngest starts school. Gail has really helped me to understand my priorities, what will be the most fulfilling for me and the time to act is now!”

Jennie Harvey


“Undertaking life coaching with Gail has been very insightful in terms of understanding my tendencies and limitations of the way I currently think about things. It has also definitely helped with how I now break things down into more manageable chunks, dissect them I guess, so that I can see what I can work on and change and those elements I can’t which are better to accept and not waste energy on.”

Katharine D.