“Confidently and Successfully You”

Are you a female manager in the rail or construction industries?

Do you feel you are constantly having to prove yourself or are you always comparing yourself to others?

Do you ever feel not good enough, not heard or feel the weight of expectation of others?

Are you keeping quiet in meetings, hiding behind a mask of who you think people want to see or are there situations or conversations you dread or avoid?

Do you doubt your own judgement or decisions and have a fear of failure?

Are you newly promoted and are feeling overwhelmed about stepping into leadership?

If so this is the coaching course for you!

 You will learn tools and techniques that have a lasting, ongoing affect in all of these areas and you will complete this programme feeling:

  •  confident

  •  successful

  • achieving more

  • authentic - not having to put on a separate persona

  • have belief in yourself

  • enjoyment in life both in and out of work

  • assertive (without being bossy)

  • respected

  • accepted

  • heard

Programme content

This 12 week 1 on 1 coaching package consists of:

  • 12 x 45 minute weekly coaching calls (over zoom)

  • Email support throughout the 12 weeks

  • My top 5 tips for gaining more confidence in your life

  • Tips and tools for a successful woman’s mindset

  • Reading list

  • Full life assessment - not just work related issues

Investment - £1,997

Full Course Details

During the course sessions will be tailored to you but can include some or all of the following topics:

Introduction - What does my life look like now?

After revising your welcome pack we will get a better understanding of where you feel you are at the moment and the key areas you want to work on. We will do an exercise to get clarity on what your best future really looks, sounds and feels like.

Who am I?

We will work on the idea of finding the “True You”. Connecting with who you really are. Your talents, strengths, values, what lights you up, what drives you. Learning to be unapologetically you without putting on a separate persona or hiding how you feel. Be authentic rather than trying to be what you think everyone wants you to be or trying to “fit in”. This session also covers self love and the importance of appreciating yourself.

Fear and Limiting Beliefs

We will work at uncovering limiting beliefs that are holding you back from taking steps to what you want to achieve. Learning not to let fear decide your future, identify what is holding you back and what story you have been telling yourself so far. Changing the script to create new beliefs about yourself which are empowering and focus on your self belief, self worth and feeling the best version of yourself.

Perfectionism and Comparing yourself to others

Further working on accepting you as you are and using comparisons with others to drive your learning and improvement. Learning that perfectionism is not something to be strived for and that constantly making decisions and moving forward is better than staying stuck. Releasing the judgement of yourself if something is not perfect in your eyes.


What is confidence? Where does it come from and how can you create more of it? Learning confidence comes from a strong belief in who you authentically are, from drawing on past experiences to support the story that you can do something and from taking action.

Exploring your goals and fulfilling your potential

Working through exactly what it is you want to achieve and why you want it. Learn to recognise what you want that will make you feel happy, deserving, inspired and valued. How to avoid settling for “fine” or “ok” and to go after your dreams and desires. Learn how living in the moment, being present, being thankful and making you your number 1 priority are essential in life.

Where next and the successful woman’s mindset

Summary of how far you have come, what you have learnt about yourself, what your next goals are for the future and how you are going to take action and move forward on these. Summary of tools and techniques gained to help you going forward. What does a successful woman look like to you? How can you be who you need to be? How can you be a role model for others?


I also run in-house workshops covering the above topics which can be tailored to your company or organisation. Please contact me for further information.


I love to talk to women about my story, what it has taught me and how the lessons I have learnt can benefit and transform their lives. Please contact me for further information.